EVI DC Inverter Heat Pump-A+++ Energy Lable
This series creatively combines R32 refrigerant, EVI full inverter technology featured with cost-effectiveness, especially get A+++ ERP energy label, can be used in extremely cold area as low as -25℃ for heating/cooling and domestic hot water.
1. Super high efficiency A+++ energy label

2. Intelligent full inverter control system

3. R32 low GWP refrigerant

4. With suction EVI technologies gas cooled twin rotary compressor

5. Wide running range of ambient temp. from -25℃ to 43℃

6. Multi-function with 5 modes: A.Heating; B.Cooling; C.Domestic hot water; D.Heating+DHW; E.Cooling+DHW

7. Wi-Fi module/Smartphone APP easy and clear control remotely

8. Efficient defrosting system

9. Water flow switch is standard