Pool World is committed to heat pump development and manufacturing to systematically create a harmonious symbiosis between people and the environment and sustainable development. After years of continuous honing and improvement in practice, a series of corporate cultures and concepts with unique Pool World characteristics have been formed. It represents the soul and spirit of Pool World people, carries the pursuit of dreams and hopes of all Pool World people, and affects every All Pool World people work hard for themselves, for the family, for the enterprise, and for the society.
  • Pool World mission
    Integrate the entire engineering industry chain to create a harmonious symbiosis of people, projects and the environment, and sustainable development;
  • Pool World concept
    Adhere to professionalism, responsibility, integrity, and customer service;
  • Pool World Vision
    Become a world-class brand heat pump supplier;
  • Pool World Commitment
    Serve customers with professionalism sincerely;
  • Pool World Spirit
    Unity, pragmatism, struggle, sharing;
  • Operation policy
    Create diversification with professional thinking;