How to install a swimming pool heat pump? What should I pay attention to when installing?
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How to install a swimming pool heat pump? What should I pay attention to when installing?

First , it is very important to choose the location for the installation of the swimming pool air energy unit. It is necessary to choose a location with good ventilation effect and more than 1 meter away from the building. At the same time, there should be no debris around to prevent adsorption on the evaporator. When multiple units are installed in parallel, the evaporator spacing should be more than 1 meter. The distance between the swimming pool heat pump and the swimming pool is better. Generally, it should be kept within 8 meters and the pipes should be insulated.

1.Installation method of swimming pool heat pump:
a.Combine the pipeline of swimming pool water treatment, add a tee in parallel to the pipeline, and install an electric control valve behind the pipeline tee. The advantage of this installation method is: whether the swimming pool heat pump unit is working or not, it does not affect the resistance of the water circulation. The disadvantage is that the control is complicated and the cost of a circulating water pump is extra.

b..Connect it in series to the swimming pool water circulation pipe, and directly install several swimming pool air energy heat pump units on the original swimming pool water circulation pipe without additional pipes. The advantage of this method is: the circulation of the water treatment pipeline is directly used without adding a circulating water pump; the disadvantage is: no matter whether the heat pump thermostat unit is working or not, the circulating water passes through the unit, which is equivalent to increasing the load of the circulating pipeline water pump and the unit pipeline is blocked. /Fouling speed increases.

2.Installation of accessories for swimming pool air energy hot water constant temperature system:
Regardless of the above two installation methods, the accessories that should be installed are:

a.The special air-energy heat pump constant temperature unit for swimming pool should be installed with soft connection to avoid pipe vibration.

b.A filter should be installed for each unit to prevent impurities from entering the equipment and protect the service life of the air energy heat pump.

c.The units must be installed in parallel in the same way to avoid the short life of the swimming pool heat pump caused by the uneven water flow of each unit.

Precautions for installation of swimming pool air energy heat pump:

1.When installing swimming pool air energy, the same pipeline layout should be used to avoid insufficient water intake for each unit. The water flow of each unit in the same pipeline is the same, the heat production is more uniform, and the start and stop are almost synchronized. There will be no big difference in working hours of swimming pool air energy units.

2.The heat pump unit should be selected and installed according to the conditions of the installation site. The installation site is generally selected on the roof of a building or a place with good outdoor air circulation. Try to avoid installing the unit in the basement, because the basement and outdoor air is not well circulated, resulting in low energy efficiency of the unit and no heating.

3.The swimming pool air energy pipes should be well insulated when installing, one is to avoid heat loss in winter, and the other is to prevent freezing. It is recommended that all hot water pipes of swimming pools in northern areas be insulated.

4.The equipment foundation should be prepared before the unit is installed. The concrete type of the equipment foundation: plain concrete strip foundation, concrete strength grade: C25, width 150-300mm, height 0.3m.

5.Swimming pool air energy units should be equipped with condensate drainage tanks or drain pipes. Generally, standard swimming pools use more than ten units. Both summer condensate and winter defrosting water need to flow into the drain or drain.

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