How to size your swimming pool heat pump?
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A common question that consumers ask us when buying a swimming pool heat pump is: "How big does my heat pump need?" You should ask a professional to design the size of the swimming pool heat pump for you, because the size of the swimming pool heat pump depends on many factors. However, we can provide some general formulas to approximate the customer's heat pump size. We will show you how to use these formulas.

Determine the size of the heat pump based on the BTU (British Thermal Unit) required per hour for the swimming pool. Consumers often mistakenly think that buying units that are too small (units with insufficient BTU output per hour) will make a mistake. Undersized equipment must run longer to heat the swimming pool. These longer runtimes reduce efficiency and increase operating costs. Use the following instructions to estimate the BTU required per hour for the heat pump.

Determine the required water temperature (°F).
Determine the average temperature of the coldest month when you plan to use the pool in °F.
Subtract the average air temperature from the required water temperature to calculate the required temperature rise.
Calculate the surface area of the swimming pool in ft2:
Circulating pool: radius x radius x 3.14
Kidney-shaped pool: length x width x 0.75
Oval pool: (0.50 x length) x (0.50 width) x 3.14
Rectangular pool: length x width
Calculate the required BTU output per hour: surface area x temperature rise x 12

In addition to these instructions, we also provide customers with a free estimation program that will provide you with recommendations for the heat pump size required to effectively heat the swimming pool. To access this free program, click here If you need additional help, we will be happy to determine the right heat pump size for your swimming pool! Please click here to contact us: