Pool World was Awarded ‘2017 Top 10 Brands of China’
Post by POOL WORLD · 2020-11-30 · Company · views
China Heat Pump Industry Alliance selected the industry ‘Top 10 Brands’. Standing out from nearly 100 candidates, Pool World won the award of 2017 TOP 10 Brands of China's heat pump industry.
Under the popular policy “Coal To Electricity”, air source products are becoming a basic need for the families. There are a variety of air source brands in the market and the competition among them is very fierce. However, the consumers’ preference standard could be seen from the latest brand list. The selection of TOP 10 brands reflects the consumers’ awareness of brands and also the brands’ true strength.
One of the “TOP 10 Brands”-Pool World Air Source, with 13 years of experience in air source heat pump industry, is a professional heat pump manufacturer in possess of a maximum of labs in South of China. Pool World focuses on researching and developing a variety of intelligent and high end products, to provide consumers with up-to-date experience of air source heat water, warming and drying.
With advanced management concepts, excellent quality and gorgeous service, Pool World constantly makes progresses in heat pump industry.
By Learn merit from others to mend our shortcoming, Pool World successfully ranks in the top 10 brand of China heat pump industry.
The honor of ‘China Top 10 Brands’not only affirms the strength of PoolWorld, but also becomes a powerful motive for Pool World’s future development.